Aba Merger Agreement

On November 12, 1975, three weeks after the end of the season, the San Diego Sails were disbanded. The Sails had been hit by pitiful ratings and their owner had learned that the team would most likely be excluded from an impending ABA-NBA merger because Los Angeles Lakers owner Jack Kent Cooke did not want to compete with either his team or his television coverage on the cable television system he owned in Southern California. Sails players were placed in a special dispersal draft. [24] [28] [29] [30] Pursuant to the terms of the ABA-NBA merger, the Kentucky Colonels players (along with the St. Louis Spirits players) were traded in a dispersal draft. The Chicago Bulls took Gilmore for $1.1 million. The Portland Trail Blazers took Maurice Lucas for $300,000, the Buffalo Braves took Bird Averitt for $125,000, the Indiana Pacers took Wil Jones for $50,000, the New York Nets took Jan van Breda Kolff for $60,000 and the San Antonio Spurs took Louie Dampier for $20,000. With the funds he received from the deal with the other ABA teams and colonels sold in the dispersal draft, Brown immediately turned around and bought the NBA`s Buffalo Braves for $1.5 million and parryed the Braves in possession of the Boston Celtics. [49] [50] The terms of the ABA-NBA merger imply that the St. Louis Spirits players were placed in a special dispersal draft with the Kentucky Colonels players.

Marvin Barnes went to the Detroit Pistons for $500,000. Moïse Malone for $300,000 to the Portland Trail Blazers, Ron Boone for $250,000 to the Kansas City Kings, Randy Denton for US$50,000 to the New York Knicks and Mike Barr for $15,000 $US to the Kansas City Kings. [50] [56] The Colonels were one of the strongest franchises in ABA history. In addition, the rivalry between the Kentucky Colonels and the Indiana Pacers was the most violent in the league, and in all of professional basketball (including the NBA), the Colonels took sixth place. [43] Despite this story, the Colonels` last games were in the ABA playoffs in 1976, when the defending champion defeated the Pacers to reach the semifinals before falling to the Nuggets in a tight seven-game series. [40] John Y. Brown, Jr., the owner of the Colonels, sold Dan Issel to the Baltimore Claws for $500,000 prior to the 1975/76 season. But when the money never arrived, Brown sent Issel to the Nuggets.

Soon after, he sent Teddy McClain on the defensive for $150,000 to the New York Nets. These deals, including the sale of former University of Kentucky star Issel, have deterred many of the colonels` fans. [44] Although everyone knew that the colonels had the talent and support of fans to enter the NBA for the 1976/77 season, Brown had other plans in the face of various obstacles. [45] The NBA`s Chicago Bulls desperately wanted the star of Colonel Artis Gilmore, whose NBA rights were the Bulls, so the Bulls fought hard to keep the colonels out of the merger. [46] [47] I already wrote in May 2011 about Silnas` amazing story….