Asean No Visa Agreement

KUCHING, 21 January 2014: WHILE HAS committed to the establishment of a `common visa`, there is still a considerable gap to make this a reality, as evidenced by assessments made at Monday`s briefing of tourism ministers. Under the agreement, Filipino nationals holding ordinary passports are allowed to enter Myanmar without a visa for a stay of no more than 14 days. But what follows, if he ever succeeds, would be great news for travellers. But a great restriction first: the source of the article is Xinhua notoriously imprecise. A visa for non-regional foreigners that would be good for the five countries covered in this and Thai TT subsidiaries. Nothing but a proposal from a regional economic consortium at this stage, and the reliability of xinhua is so detestable that I will not even assume the responsibility of reproducing here the text of the brief article; You can read it for yourself. Asean members travel for a month to Asean countries without visaKUALA LUMPUR, November 6 (Bernama) — People from Asean countries can now travel to any country in the group without a visa for a month, with the exception of Myanmar. Thai and Cambodian nationals have been visa-free since 2013, and citizens of Myanmar can visit Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam and, conversely, a visa of up to 14 days. UNWTO predicts that the number of international tourist bites will reach 1.8 billion by 2030, and simpler visa procedures will be essential to attract these travellers, especially tourists from emerging markets of origin such as China, Russia, India and Brazil, Rifai added. The 12 countries that currently have the arrival visa establishment (VA), including South Korea, Japan, Finland, Singapore, New Zealand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos, will also be covered by the electronic visa mechanism. Burma has already signed visa waiver agreements with five of Asean`s 10 members, but negotiations with four other countries, including neighbouring Thailand, have yet to be concluded, said Kyi Thein Ko, secretary general of the Tourism Association. To obtain an e-visa, you would have to apply on the website provided for this purpose, with the required fees.

They would receive an electronic version of the visa within 96 hours.