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I mean, could this „Buy from amazon“ button be called a trademark violation in your TOS? This is a really useful article! Thank you for deciphering some of the critical conditions of these agreements. Do you have any recommendations on where traffic to your website should be before applying for the program? What about text links with products on Amazon? Do you need the user to know that it`s an Amazon link? .. You`ll find the amazon comments displayed in an iframe….. If that`s allowed. Here`s an old screenshot of this section 5 of the Amazon deal: I live in Africa for not sending an Amazon to my country, so I think building a solution where people can buy from a website connected to Amazon, you think it can put me in trouble. Thanks for these tips, I have a question, can I sell my articles on Amazon and use my own affiliate link? Recently started experimenting with Adsence and remembered my old amazon associates account. Not hard to forget how they send me emails twice a week for the past 13 years. I have updated all my contact information, including the address. (since lol.) Three postponements. Payment details, etc. Great contribution. I didn`t know you can`t mention Amazon reviews in your web articles.

But for the price, yes amazon sent me the email about the prices, and that I folow the rules, so I deleted all the prices. In point 2 of the enterprise agreement, Amazon clearly prohibits the use of local affiliate links containing specific materials. Really valuable content. Thank you very much. I have my doubts. Can I use images of Amazon products on my gadget review page? Can I use product videos on youtube? Pls give answer My question is 1. If I re-create an amazon affiliate account, should I create a new identifier or should I use the ID before using it (not that it`s blocked)? 2. The most complicated is the use of the product images. Is it okay if I capture (cut) the product images on the google image to use my site to promote? 3. So far, my commission on amazon was over 100 dollars before I banned it twice. Amazon sends me my money? Hello Kasa, Sa Rajarajan again, I found this website looking for idea content. „bestopedia.org/helmets-for-scooty/“ It has placed iron prices in all product reviews, you can see it and say this is ok with Amazon Affiliate.

I used the same frame in my new affiliate site. The price indication will help the user. So, I have the following liability clause with my price „Price: 409 (Update from Sep 2020, Check the last price above)“ May I do so, so am confused with this price part. Can I post my amazon adfiliate links on my Facebook profile, Facebook pages, Twitter profile? That`s because, as this post says you can`t send traffic to Amazon from social media sites and you do the same why amazon sends you this message you can`t use words like u mentioned… This article gave me a lot of information about Amazon`s affiliate program which will be very useful for me. Thank you for this great article. Brother Al amin I`m trying to create the Amazon niche site, thank you so much for publishing this article, it is so useful to me . Hello da Kasa and thank you for a great article. I used the word amazon in my article title regarding some products, do you think I would be banned for that? The product advertising API or data stream can allow you to access data, images, text and other information and content about products offered on one or more affiliate sites.