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This agreement („Agreement“) sets out the terms and conditions for the use of the website and various related sites and services, including, but not limited to,,, and (referred to as „Website“). Your use of this Website is subject to compliance with all the conditions and indications contained in this Agreement or to which it is referred, as well as to any other written agreement between us. In addition, when using certain services or materials on this site, you are subject to all published policies or rules applicable to these services or materials that may, in addition to the conditions, conditions and exclusions provided in this Agreement. All of these policies or rules, including, but not limited to, Sunrider`s privacy policy, are included in this Agreement by reference. THE TERM „SUNRIDER“ AS USED IN THIS AGREEMENT MEANS THE SUNRIDER CORPORATION D.B.A. SUNRIDER INTERNATIONAL, AND ANY SUNRIDER-AFFILIATED COMPANY, INCLUDING THEIR AGENTS, EMPLOYEES, OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, AND STOCKHOLDERS. Please visit Sunrider`s website at to see our Opportunity presentation. You can also fill out the contact form and a business service employee will be happy to share the opportunity with you. Shopping online Go and choose the country from which you want to buy products. Then click „Online Shopping“ and choose regular or express shopping.

You can order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shipping costs depend on the weight of the product, with a service charge of 50 baht. Sunrider respects the intellectual property of others, and Sunrider asks you to do the same. If you or a user of this site feels that your copyright, trademark rights or other property rights have been infringed by a message on this site, you or the Sunrider user should send a detailed notification to the address, the legal service. Any notification of copyright infringement must be consistent with the form of the U.S. Copyright Act (DMCA). You acknowledge and accept that Sunrider, upon receipt of a compliant claim in violation of copyright under the DMCA, may immediately remove the identified materials from that site without being held responsible for your detention or any other party. Your right to copyright infringement may be made available to the alleged offender, who may provide a counter-notification through the DMCA. Please note that Sunrider is not authorized to arbitrate or detect an alleged violation and that Sunrider`s only role in such a dispute is to remove the offensive documents (as established by a competent judicial authority). You may be liable for damages (including legal fees) if you misrepresent that your copyright has been infringed. This agreement represents the entire agreement and agreement between you and Sunrider with respect to the purpose of this Agreement and replaces all previous agreements and agreements of the parties concerning the parties.